EPS Tier 4 Generator Front Medallion

On January 1, 2014, EPA Tier 4 Final exhaust emissions standards went into effect for the majority of diesel engines sold in the United States. These regulations apply to most diesel engines used in mobile generators, including all of those produced by Engine Power Source. Tier 4 Final regulations are very strict, and have resulted in significant design changes for both diesel engines AND the equipment they power.

The new exhaust standards were phased in over a number of years, allowing some flexibility for manufacturers. During this “flex” period, manufacturers like EPS were permitted to produce diesel powered products that were not Tier 4 Final compliant. This arrangement was valid until a predetermined number of products had been produced. After that point, all new products were required to meet the new standards.

Because EPS is an established manufacturer with significant production volume, the flex volume limit was reached rather quickly for most of our products. That is part of the reason we were among the first to offer a wide array of Tier 4 Final compliant products. It’s also the reason why there are still a few older designs still available on the market from smaller, less established producers.

So what does all this mean for you?

If you intend to purchase a new diesel powered generator, you have two choices:

  1. You can purchase a Tier 4 Final product from a proven manufacturer like EPS who will be there for you in the future. (For the record, we’ve been producing commercial grade mobile generators for many years and have an excellent reputation for quality and service.)
  2. Or, you may still be able to find a pre-Tier 4 Final product available from a smaller, less established producer. Be aware though, because of the engineering expertise and costs required to design Tier 4 Final compliant products, some of these companies may struggle to compete after their “flex” limits have been reached.

Distinct Advantages Tier 4 Final Products Offer!

While the initial cost of Tier 4 Final products is a bit more than their predecessors, the advantage they offer are undeniable, including:

  • Dramatic reduction in exhaust emissions, including a 90%+ reduction in particulate matter (PM) since Tier 2.
  • Smoother running products due to less engine vibration.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Cleaner running which in practical terms means FAR FEWER fumes to smell.
  • More fuel efficient. For example, our Tier 4 Final 20 kW generators are approximately 7% more fuel efficient than the previous models, while our 30 kW units offer about 9% better fuel efficiency.
  • The latest engine technologies and on-board diagnostics.

Make the Smart Choice

Now that the advantages of Tier 4 Final are clearly evident, it’s no longer a simple question about costs. When you consider the benefits of Tier 4 Final, and the potential long-term viability of firms who don’t currently produce Tier 4 Final products, the choice seems pretty clear. Tier 4 Final is the way to go.

We’d like to add that EPS is also the way to go. We were one of the very first to offer Tier 4 Final generators, reflecting a significant commitment of engineering and technical resources over a number of years. Our Tier 4 generators utilize rugged Kubota diesel engines (which have a sterling reputation worldwide), and have been approved by Kubota for these applications. Learn more about why EPS is your best choice by visiting our 9-45 kW Mobile Generators page.

Our Generator Solutions page offers great information on how to pick the right generator for your needs. Or you can call 1-800-374-7522 to talk to one of our generator specialists to help you properly size a unit for your application. Engine Power Source makes it easy to select and buy the best generator for you.

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