EPS 20kW Enclosed and Open Generator Models

All EPS mobile diesel power generator units offer rugged commercial construction, verifiable output ratings, easy installation and simplified maintenance – all at a very attractive price. They are available in six power output ratings, from 9 to 45 kW. They are ideal for bus conversions, race trailers, a wide range of specialty vehicles, and more. Power is provided by a tough and reliable Kubota diesel engine.

Tier 4 Final Compliant

Engine Power Source offers a full line of commercial grade mobile diesel generators that comply with EPA emissions regulations. While EPA Tier 4 Final compliance does result in additional product cost, it can also result in some distinct advantages compared to older generators:

  • Smoother running units with less vibration.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Cleaner (less fumes to smell).
  • The latest engine technologies and on-board diagnostics.

Key Features

  • Designed from the ground up to meet emissions regulations (Tier 4 Final compliant).
  • Rugged construction top-to-bottom for dependable service and a long life.
  • Compact modular designs have been optimized for high performance in minimal space.
  • Numerous noise and vibration-reducing technologies are employed, resulting in an exceptionally quiet and smooth running unit.
  • Easy installation hook-ups for exhaust, battery and fuel.
  • Two-step powder coat painting process helps reduce corrosion.
  • Each unit is fully load bank tested to verify that performance meets specifications.
  • Water-cooled, Tier 4 diesel engine helps ensure reliability, long life and low cost operation.
  • Units are available with (enclosed) or without (roll-out) a rugged enclosure for protection from the elements. (45kW unit is currently available in an enclosed configuration only.)
  • Enclosed units feature convenient single-side service with full access to engine maintenance parts.
  • 20-45 kW enclosed units can be base mounted or hung (ideal for trucks or trailers), and feature labyrinth air channeling to help reduce dirt accumulation and operating noise.

Available Options*

  • Full featured, LCD remote control panel.
  • Roller frames (for roll-out configurations).
  • Radiator air duct kit.
  • Single or three phase.
* Certain options are not available for all units. Please contact us for complete details.

Our Generator Solutions page offers great information on how to pick the right generator for your needs. Or you can call 1-800-374-7522 to talk to one of our generator specialists to help you properly size a unit for your application. Engine Power Source makes it easy to select and buy the best generator for you.

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Helpful Videos

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