Engine Power Source is committed to providing you with quality products and services, and your satisfaction before, during and after the sale is very important to us. Many of our customer have been doing business with us for years, and we believe one of the reasons for that is because we stand behind what we sell.

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EPS Remanufactured Engine Warranty

Engine Power Source, Rock Hill, South Carolina warrants each remanufactured complete engine to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) full year. The obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing any parts returned to EPS, Rock Hill South Carolina, and, which upon examination is disclosed to the company’s satisfaction to have been defective workmanship or material.

  • During the first full year of service, from the date of delivery to the first purchaser, EPS will pay the cost of reasonable labor, travel time, and mileage (based upon our standards) required to repair any engine or replace any parts found to be defective by EPS. Service supplies such as coolant, oil and filters which are not reusable due to a warrantable repair are covered.
  • EPS is not responsible for failures resulting from normal wear, operator abuse, operation without adequate fuel, coolant, lubricant, overfueling, overspeeding, lack of maintenance of cooling system or air intake system, improper storage, warm-up, run-in, or shut-down practices.
  • Engine “break-in” or adjustment during installation of the engine is the responsibility of the dealer.
  • No reimbursement is allowed for equipment rental, pick up, delivery or down time.
  • At no time will warranty reimbursement be made without prior approval from EPS, a proof of purchase and the job number of engine in question.
  • Any claim submitted after thirty (30) days following repairs is subject to rejection.

Download a printable copy of the EPS Remanufactured Engine Warranty (pdf file).

EPS Remanufactured Fuel Systems Warranty

Engine Power Source, Rock Hill, South Carolina warrants each remanufactured fuel system component to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1200 hours or one year, from the date of our original invoice, whichever shall occur first.

  • The obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any remanufactured component, at the company’s option, which is found to be defective to the company’s satisfaction.
  • The component must be returned, freight prepaid, to Engine Power Source.
  • This warranty does not cover any labor, travel time, troubleshooting, or mileage for defective component replacement.
  • No other Warranty is expressed or implied.

Download a printable copy of the EPS Remanufactured Fuel Systems Warranty (pdf file).

EPS Engine Core Policy

Your full core deposit will be refunded if your core meets the following requirements:

  • The core is fully assembled and complete.
  • The engine has not been disassembled & internally inspected.
  • The crankshaft must rotate 360 degrees and turn the internal parts.
  • There are no visible holes or cracks in the block.
  • The cylinder heads must be crack free.
  • The core returned must be of the same type and specification as the exchange engine purchased. Example, a 1004 must be returned if purchased – not a 4-236.
  • All parts are returned on the core that were shipped on the reman engine. Example, fuel lines, side covers, thermostat housing, etc.
  • The core has not been subjected to non-operational damage such as fire, rust, mishandling, or stored outside.
  • The core is shipped freight prepaid.
  • A copy of the reman engine packing slip or invoice is shipped with the core.

Additional Information and shipping instructions:

  • Please drain the oil from the core.
  • Please ship the core freight prepaid using the Bill of Lading provided. If you use your own bill of lading, you must list the core as “Used Engine Having Recondition Value Only, Class 70”.
  • Ship Cores To: Engine Power Source, 348 Bryant Blvd., Rock Hill, SC 29732
  • If you send a copy of the reman engine packing slip or invoice with the core, your core will be processed and credit issued within fifteen (15) business days from our receipt of the core.
  • On selected reman engine cores a 10% penalty will be deducted from the core credit if the core is not returned within 60 business days from the date of the invoice. You will be advised, in advance, if this policy is applicable to your core.

Download a printable copy of the EPS Engine Core Policy (pdf file).